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3 Useful Tips for YouTube Video Making

by Creative IT Blog

Video editing can do great tricks if you have great video content. A professional-looking video will help trigger the exact emotions you want in your audience. Yet, the problem is creating YouTube videos, and editing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This leaves us with a dilemma – how can someone make professional-looking videos if they don’t know how? The obvious answer is learning and practicing. Besides, you can start by enrolling in a YouTube video-making course for beginners. Other than this, you will find many YouTube video-making tutorials.

So, the purpose of the blog is to give you the 3 most demanding tips for making a professional-looking video.

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1.    Have a proper execution plan

A professional-looking video doesn’t just happen. They are the result of meticulous preparation and planning.  Before you set out to film, have a shooting script ready and a checklist.

For example, have a detailed plan of the venue and timings ready. Check whether they are available at that time.

Check whether the places make an eco-sound or not. If the place makes echo sounds, find another place. It will be a lot harder to edit the sound than finding another decent place.

It’s important to keep notes of the sequence of shots. Having an organized plan will save you from a lot of troubles and delays. You are less likely to miss any shots and lose footage later on.

For better ideas and planning, you can get a professional YouTube video-making course in Bangladesh.

2.    Take multiple shots from different angles

Giving your audience multiple perspectives of the same shot will have a greater impact on them. It makes the scene more intense.

Cutting from one angle to another is an effective (and simple) approach to increase visual interest in your commercial videos. This is a particularly handy strategy if you’re creating a how-to video, a product demo, or another form of film in which you do something rather than just talk. No worries, if you want, you may get all these in a YouTube certification course from an IT professional learning center.

Shoot plenty of B-roll material for each film so you can use it later if you like.

  • Pro tip: When changing perspectives, rotate your head at least 45 degrees. Smaller adjustments in perspective do not produce the desired impression. Instead, they seem jarring to the audience.
  • Another editing tip: When transitioning from one scene to the next in your professional video, make the transition with motion in both portions. This is more natural and fluid than leaping from one scene with nothing happening to another.

3.    Get yourself a good editing software

Trying out different effects during the video editing process can be enjoyable, but don’t go overboard. A straightforward, clean editing approach often appears to be the most professional.

During the editing process, make sure to accomplish the following:

  • To remove any background noise, use noise cancellation.
  • If necessary, make minor adjustments to the lighting.
  • Avoiding awkward pauses and silences
  • Background music and transitions are being added.

Adobe Premiere Pro includes everything you need to get started creating high-quality marketing films. Adobe Premiere Pro, despite being a powerful professional editing software, is nevertheless surprisingly user-friendly. Plus, the Adobe website’s instructional resources and user community are fantastic.

If you work on a Mac, you may be tempted to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Yet, if you want to go for simpler tools you can choose from  Wave. Video, Camtasia or iMovie.

Remember, if you are a beginner and have no idea how to not fret over it. Having passion and being willing to work on it is enough.  There are talented YouTube Movie makers out there who started from scratch. And now they are launching courses like YouTube courses for beginners, just to inspire others. So, keep on pursuing your passion.

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