Freelancing Courses in Bangladesh

Top 10 Freelancing Courses in Bangladesh

by Creative IT Blog

We often get confused about choosing a career for ourselves. In a developing country like Bangladesh, especially the young generation is getting depressed not being able to choose the right path for their future. But, if one gets to know about the freelancing courses those lead them to an independent career then it will be much easier for them to plan a better future. As a result, they will earn online easily and grab so many opportunities.

What is freelancing?

What is freelancing

Freelance work is that type of work where a person or company independently works and provides professional services such as designing, web development, digital marketing, and many more. A freelancer is a self-employed person.

How do freelancers get trained?

Any freelancer should have a passion for learning and become one of the top rated freelancers in the world. To achieve that goal he/she must have some IT skills in a specific field or area. Many IT training institutes of our country are providing such trainings to help one start a career.

In those trainings students will be trained up by reputed IT experts and knowledge sharing sessions which are arranged to help the students discover the freelancing world or market. After completing the course, one can start working as a freelancer online right away.

Basic requirements to take a freelancing course:

If you want to work as a freelancer then you must have the following qualifications:-

  • Professional IT skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Good academic records
  • Business Ethics Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Internships

Which are the best courses for a freelancing career?

Before you start a career you should think about what you feel passionate about. Following your dream and identifying your inner talent help you reach your goal. Making a harmony between your creativity & intelligence, you can build a perfect independent career that will be called freelancing.

Here I listed the 10 best subjects you can learn and start earning or build a career online.

  • Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Graphic design meets with digital marketing, web designing, and other multimedia applications. A graphic designer designs web content from scratch to make it attractive and creative for the audience. Graphic designers use icons, logos, pictures, drawings, and other visual mediums to present their ideas.

A freelance career in graphic design will be the best option because it is difficult to find a stable job for this work in local marketplace. Jobs for freelance one are available online and worldwide. Because of its popularity, freelancers can get more jobs than regular workers.

  • Motion graphics

motion graphics


Nowadays, everything is presented through motion works. A motion graphics designer is required to create animation, video, and graphics for various clients. Motion graphic freelancers can also be called VFX artists because a lot of cinema industries or TV companies are using visual effects to attract more audiences. With an updated module you can take a course on Motion Graphics from a reputed IT training institute and be a freelance motion artist.

  • Web Design

web design


Web designers learn to create web pages or websites from scratch that can be seen on the internet browsers, if you want to start a freelancing career through web designing then you should start learning how to design a website. If you have good knowledge of coding languages then it would be easier to create your own website. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with coding languages then it would be better to learn about it doing a course on web design .

  • Web development

web development


Web development is a very profitable and high-demand career. A web developer creates websites or helps clients to do so. Web developers create mobile-friendly websites which have good design, easy navigation, etc. Most of the companies these days need web developers to create a site for them or maintain their existing sites. A web developer can also work as an SEO expert to make the website ranked in a search engine.

Web development is one of the best freelancing career options because it is a growing industry and has high demands worldwide. Also, there are online jobs available for web developers which mean you can do your work from anywhere. All you need to do is doing a course on Web Development from a reputed IT training institute.

  • Content Creation

content creation


Nowadays, creating content is a very popular and beneficial career in Bangladesh. Content creators write or take photos of interesting topics which they create content on how to solve problems, you can also get a freelance course for this. If you want to learn freelancing online courses then there are many available learning platforms where you can take a freelancing course to start creating content.

Content creators can create content on any topic which could be interesting for the targeted audience. Content creation is not only used for businesses but also various type of media companies who are looking for creative content for their publications or programs. If you have a good idea about article writing and photography you can easily make money online by doing freelancing courses.

  • Social Media Marketing

social media marketing


Career on social media marketing also known as SMM, people who do freelance business on social media is called Social Media Marketers. Social media marketing is a highly profitable career because the number of users using social networks is growing very rapidly these days. A freelancer can get a lot of work online because people or businesses are willing to pay money for their marketing their product on different social media platforms. If you have an interesting personality, you can get more clients and make money from your business.

SMM freelancers may share different kinds of information on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. The main purpose of SMM is to get more clients and making money by providing social media marketing services.

  • Mobile App Development

If you have a good interest in mobile apps development, it could be a good choice for starting a freelancing career. Mobile app developers design creative and enjoyable applications for android or IOS phones and tablets. If you have an interest in this job, then start creating apps by taking a course on Mobile App Development.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization


In the era of Digital Marketing, SEO is highly valued job. Search engine optimization means improving the ranking of your business in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. SEO analysts are asked to get their clients high rankings or organic searches on particular keywords they want to rank for.

SEO freelancer required to create high-quality articles or content which are based on certain keyword for better ranking in google search results, also doing back linking is a part of SEO job where they have to promote their client’s website through various methods like websites submission, etc.

  • 3D animation

3D animation


We all grew up watching cartoons and animations on TV, in movies, or online. Those were created by 3D animators who do freelance jobs to create animations and graphics for various media companies or firms. If you are interested in this job then you can easily earn money taking a course from a reputed IT training institute. All you have to do is just be creative and take a course on 3D animation from an apparent IT institute.

  • Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking


Hacking necessarily doesn’t mean doing something illegal. Ethical hackers are the ones who hack other systems to find out vulnerabilities. So that they can be fixed and information or data will not get leaked from any system. In every top rated companies as well as in the government projects, maintaining securities is their first priority. Having a cyber-security expert as well as an ethical hacker is their first requirement. If you want to build your freelancing career as an ethical hacker, then you should take an online course for this job which is available in various places in Bangladesh.


To conclude, all I can say is that freelancing courses are helpful for those who want to have an independent life. So if you want to invest your valuable money and time on something extra ordinary then why don’t you try to do freelancing? You will get a lot of things to learn like copywriting, web development or animation, and many more. Start learning today and create your own website about your hobby or passion.

Hope you like this article, thank you for reading!

Happy Freelancing!


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