How CCNP Training can Boost Your Career Goals

How CCNP Training can Boost Your Career Goals

by Creative IT Blog

What does Getting certified in Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) means? It means you have gone through CCNP training by Cisco Certified Network Professionals. You have proved that now you have the potential to work in a dynamic field.

Your CCNP certifications can help you boost your career. By opening doors for you into the world of network design and management. Networking is a constantly changing field. That’s why having that extra certification on the side makes sure that you are never left behind in the dust.

Getting certified is one of those investments that every IT professional should make. Not only does it pay off when it comes to impressing the boss, but it also pays off, even more, when we try to get promoted. The payoff usually comes from higher earnings, and we all know money talks right?

In this blog, we are going to talk about how CCNP certifications can levitate your career.

Is it worthwhile to pursue CCNP certifications?

This question would definitely cross over in every wanna-be IT professional’s mind. Yes, it is worth it. CCNP is one of the most prominent and in-demand qualifications. Because the aims it covers are relevant to the sector. That’s why providing Cisco career certification is really worthy for the great industry.

It verifies your capability to set up and maintain both LAN and WAN networks. You’ll also be known as someone who can work with experts on different issues. Issues that involve phone, wireless, advanced security, and video solutions. The CCNP certification is well worth the investment. If you already have your CCNA and want to advance your career in IT networking,

It will provide a lot of career opportunities!

Even if you are not experienced, CCNP certification can still open many doors for you. Especially in IT-enabled and rising countries like Nigeria, India, Dubai. Then you can also work in the United States, Algeria, Angola, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Remember that certificates are extremely valuable in the business world.

You will get a good advantage in this freelancing era.  If you visit popular freelancing sites, you will find many lucrative job offers. You can be a successful freelancer. If you just have the right set of skills and required certificates.

Job offers with a higher salary

Network Technicians, Network Engineers, and System Administrators with the CCNP Routing and Switching certification earn significantly more than their non-certified competitors. Professionals with this qualification earn an average annual salary of $10,2786. According to Ziprecruiter non-CCNP certified employees earn on average monthly $4565.

Makes you more competitive

This certification was designed to be an advanced-level qualification. That validates skills in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting complex networks. This profession has now become one of the hottest careers around. That’s why employers are scrambling to find qualified candidates.

This is why people who have this certification can be considered as having an edge. In the employment market compared to others who do not have any certification. Professional IT centers in Bangladesh are now focusing on freelancing courses. Try to get into your interested sector. 

You are qualified for more advanced certificates

Many Cisco certificates serve as stepping stones to more advanced certifications. Or at the very least give the requisite training to earn higher certifications. With the CCNP certification, this is undeniably true. Achieving a CCNP certification will help you prepare for more certificates.

In summary

The International Information System Incorporation also emphasizes it. According to them,  hiring employees with security certification is vital in an organization. This qualification is only given to a small number of people each year. As a result, those who earn this certification are almost guaranteed to thrive in this field.

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