The Importance of a CompTIA Certification to Your IT Career

The Importance of a CompTIA Certification to Your IT Career

by Creative IT Blog

Current IT industry is booming. With so many candidates fighting for a limited number of jobs, how can you stand out from everyone else? This is where this blog comes in. Here CompTIA’s IT Path career certification has focused. This will help you to know how CompTIA Training can boost your IT career. Thus you can prepare yourself to be competitive in the job market.

What is CompTIA?

The Computing Technology Association (CompTIA) is the leading IT certifications for professionals around the world. CompTIA covers a wide range of topics. It consists of an IT networking career and cloud computing.

They are devoted to IT professionals having more than 2 million certificates issued worldwide.  Unlike any other cybersecurity organization, it offers a wide range of certifications. from entry-level -certificates to more advanced credentials. Thus, it’s time for you to get CompTIA A+ Certification training as well.

Can you get a job with CompTIA certifications?

Yes, you can. It is one of the most respected and preferable certificates desired in the IT industry. When hiring professionals like IT support specialists, IT field service technicians, desktop support analysts, and help desk tier 2 assistance, companies look for the CompTIA A+ certification.

Even entry-level jobs like CompTIAA+ certification can open many doors for you. The new A+ offers you the basic knowledge you need to be successful in all aspects of IT. Yet, CompTIA certification guidelines will be well worth it if you’re ready to focus your expertise.

Can these certificates help you get good pay?

Yes, it can help you to find an attractive salary upgrade. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is the entry-level. The more training you complete, the faster you will move up the IT ladder. CompTIA A+ certifies that you have the necessary abilities to enter the IT field. It provides the foundation for more advanced IT careers. With this qualification, you may work as a help desk technician, which is a stepping stone to IT jobs. A professional Comptia training center focuses on the job opportunities for you.  The following positions are the most common ones and their earnings on average.

  • IT support experts get $54,500 yearly.
  • A field service technician gets $46,000 yearly.
  • A desktop support analyst gets  $60,000 yearly
  • Tier 2 support for the help desk gets $45,000 yearly
  • $93,987 for CompTIA Security+
  • $82,656 for CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+ Certification – $78,629

Final Words

CompTIA certification journey is an excellent way to broaden your skillset and advance your IT career. CompTIA has been ruling in these for over 20+ years. Also, it is developed and supported by the top experts in the industry. You can improve your problem-solving abilities, prove technologies, and much more through CompTIA-certified courses. The best part is you can get it without worrying about having a college degree. It is equivalent and even cheaper than graduation!

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