Top 5 Jobs You can Get if You build career in JavaScript

Top 5 Jobs You can Get if You Learn JavaScript

by Creative IT Blog

JavaScript complements 95.1% of all websites that are functioning. Due to its effectiveness and acceptance, JavaScript(JS) is and will continue in use. Many companies are using this programming language. Also, businesses are looking for JavaScript-skilled workers in almost 14% of the advertisements. So, the demand drives the starters to take javascript training in this modern age.

Top 5 jobs for Javascript programmers


Here are the most demanding javascript jobs.

  1. Front end development

Front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Every year more than 8,500 jobs are announced. Besides, the number of website development roles increased by 27%. So, a skilled Javascript developer may build complex web apps in the foreground. The desire for JS front-end developers is thus not only increasing but also rewarding.

  1. WordPress Development

Over 60 million websites running and powered by WordPress. To maintain and operate WordPress sites, there needs to be a huge number of developers. Most of these recruits favor JavaScript-qualified developers. This is because with JavaScript visual presentations will be improved. Thus you can explore many features. Moreover, Javascript provides user interaction and user plug-ins compatibility.

  1. Full stack development

The necessity of online presence is becoming more and more recognized by companies. Hence, the demand for web developers, particularly those with JavaScript knowledge, increased. Using JavaScript programming in full-stack with Angular.js and Node.js  growing. Also, the need for JavaScript in full stacks is rising. JavaScript stack developers earn up to $93,000 across the world. So, taking an advanced javascript course is a must for your programming career.

  1. Software developers for information security

Every organization nowadays looks for foolproof coding. Here, open-source libraries for JavaScript are accessible and easy to use. Thus the market for JS-versed security developers is expanding. Also, this strong language can communicate with many frames using standardized APIs. For instance- Phone Gap, Córdoba, and Node Webkit. Besides, it is providing the developer with JS versatility and flexibility.

  1. Developing PHP and JS

Various companies are looking for JavaScript-skilled PHP developers. This is due to the fact that JavaScript is a fantastic tool for creating a website. All language codes in front ends, such as CSS and HTML, can be changed dynamically with JS. So, you will miss the greatest user experience without JS in your application.

Other Javascript Jobs

  • Freelancing
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Shopify Coding
  • Web Design and Electronic Repositories
  • WordPress Speed Optimization
  • Web Development for IT cloud
  • E-Commerce Website Development

Average Earnings

The typical Javascript programmer’s income stands roughly $80,000 per year. This is simple to get and rewarding, as long as the candidate remains focused on a particular path. The range varies from senior to junior level. Besides, the skill level decides the salary for a javascript developer.

Final Thoughts

The JavaScript ecology is growing. Thus the competition is fierce for  JS libraries and frameworks developers. So, mastering JavaScript is a smart and praiseworthy choice. Many professional institutes are providing Javascript courses. In Bangladesh, Creative IT Institute offers advanced certified javascript courses. What keeps you waiting? Embrace the magic of javascript for your career growth.

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