How can You Prepare for CCNA Examination

How can You Prepare for CCNA Examination

by Creative IT Blog

If you’re looking to build a career as a Network engineer, why not start with CCNA? CCNA training is a great help to create a strong base in networking. It covers Network basics, network access, IP connection, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.

It is an ideal certification for beginners because anyone can start it. You do not have to worry about not having a background in computer networking or IT. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is very popular in the networking field. It is a leading industry certification for junior-level network engineers. Here we will talk about how you can take solid preparation for CCNA Certification.

  • Learn basic concepts of ICT

Learn basic concepts of ICT

To start studying for the CCNA, you need to have some experience with PCs and technology, particularly Microsoft Windows systems. Who has never used a computer, will have a harder time studying the CCNA content than IT professionals.

Similarly, setting up or solving a problem with technology is an experience. You may simply set up or link your home PC, your home internet router, or your cellular phone. With this experience, you will be able to solve and configure problems. You can find professional CCNA training in Bangladesh to step ahead in this career.

  • Create your personalized CCNA certification plan

Creating a plan will help you to stay focused on Your Goal. On top of that, it will help you track and analyze how much you have progressed. Yet, before devising a plan, ask yourself these following questions :

  • When are you going to sit for the CCNA examination?
  • How much time can you dedicate to your studies?
  • Which learning method is best for you?

These questions will make your study plan close to fullproof. It will help you to realize how much time you can afford. Also, how much you should put in preparing for CCNA certifications.

Also, which method suits you the most is very crucial. It will help to decide which method will give you the maximum output. You can simply buy an online course to learn or get enrolled in any online course. However, few people are comfortable online even though it’s the most convenient way. Some people prefer Offline than online CCNA courses because they prefer face-to-face teaching.

  • Watch online professional videos on CCNA

There are hundreds of videos accessible on the internet. There you can find a networking specialist configure any of the CCNA objectives.

Many people may not consider this, but a professional platform is  beneficial. It is the quickest method to discover shortcuts, observe the thought processes of experienced experts. Helps you to identify areas where you have been doing things the hard way. All of these things could never be taught adequately in a book. Viewing a video is a guaranteed method to see for yourself how things can and should be done.

  • Practice mock tests for the CCNA certification

It’s a good idea to take practice examinations before the real exam if you want to get a feel for the environment. This also assists in educating yourself with the format of questions. While it may seem convenient to take a batch of 10-15 questions whenever you have free time, every applicant should take a full mock test at least twice. Completing a full practice exam will not test your abilities. Moreover, it will help you develop your persistence, attention, and focus.


The CCNA can definitely benefit you if your professional objective is IT or cybersecurity. You may know a lot of cybersecurity experts who have the CCNA. They may have acquired it in the process of becoming a cyber profession. In this industry, It certifications are valued way more than you think.

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