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Is Graphic Design a Good Career ? | Guideline 2022

Is Graphic Design a Good Career ?

by Creative IT Blog

Is Graphic Design a Good Career ? | Guideline 2022

If you are a creative thinker and enjoy art and communication then you will find rewarding graphic design careers. Nowadays, everyone requires a professional graphic designer to promote and market their business. So Graphic Designers can take on a wide variety of new and exciting projects. Also, because Graphic Designers can see the impact of their work in the real world, it can be a very rewarding career choice for them.

It’s not hard to master it. You can easily learn by yourself from YouTube. Yet, for more effectiveness have professional graphics design training. And you will be set to go. But as the title says, is graphic design a good career? How far can you go with it? Let’s find out.


How many graphic designers’ jobs are there?

If you just search in Upwork right now, you will see more than 10,000 jobs up there just right under the graphic design job category. Moreover, there are more freelancing sites for a professional graphic designer you can search on. Mind your Graphic design is a broad category if you narrow it down, you will find more offers. For instance, logo designer, illustrator, apparel graphic designer, photo editor, publication designer, UI designer and so much more!

If you want to be the jack of all trades, then start learning from basic then gradually move over to the advanced level. For more convenience, complete a comprehensive graphic design course.

Do graphic design open scopes for you?

A sign of a good career is it helps you grow.  Acquiring skills in graphic design will help you to expand your work field. Starting from a professional graphic designer, you can be a virtual product developer. Not only that, graphic designing skills will allow you to explore so many options. For example, animator, production artist, UI/UX designer, visual artist, and recently added NFTs!

Once you will start exploring, you will get more options. For better guideless talk to other successful graphic designers, they will be able to give you more ideas. Also, to strengthen your

foundation you can enroll in graphic design certification courses. This will increase the weight of your CV. And, to increase credibility learn from an IT professional Learning center.

How much salary do graphic designers earn?

The graphic design job falls under creative jobs. One of the advantages of a creative job is they pay really well. As you cannot be replaced with software and machines. But the downfall is, your success entirely depends on how talented and skillful you are. One of the high-paying creative jobs of 2022 is UX director. Which is achievable if you have polished graphic designing skills. Yearly on average a UX director earns $135,000.  Even though earning entirely depends on how much you work, for an average graphic designer yearly earning is $55,000.


The graphic design careers can be exciting if you are passionate about it. To help you through the career in graphics journey, Creative IT Institute is there to guide and train you. You can get graphic designing certification courses there. Furthermore, you do not need any pre-requisite skill or qualification to start learning it. So, if you are into graphic design, start without any further ado.

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