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5 Interior and Exterior Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing

by Creative IT Blog

The most valuable asset anyone can have is meant to be the “Home”. It is the one and only place where you just be yourself and feel alive. A home is not a building with few things inside, it is much more than this.

Interior and exterior designers aim to design attractive features that distinguish the art and science of creating beautiful, functional spaces inside and out. A well-designed home doesn’t need tricks. If you want your house to stand out in a good way, remember two things: Keep it simple, and less is more.

In this blog, we will share some amazing home interior and exterior design tips that will help you transform your home decor into one’s dream.

Unlock The Secrets Tips Off the Interior & Exterior Design of Your Home Decor 

Many people go to a large extent to make their homes customized to their needs more advanced and appealing. To achieve these, they follow several interior and exterior design techniques.  Let’s discuss it in detail.  

Unlock The Secrets Tips Off the Interior & Exterior Design of Your Home Decor

Interior Design

“The Devil is in the Details” is the perfect phrase that defines interior design truly. 

Paying attention to the small details of decoration is the key to creating harmonious and appealing spaces. Some of these tricks are so simple that they seem odd. However, they can help create a huge difference in the overall look of any room.   

Tip 1: Play with Patterns  

Blend two or three patterns harmoniously in a room to make your home decor interesting and unique. Pay attention to the scale of the designs. Smaller, busier prints look great on cushions or secondary items like a floor rug. Bold, big patterns work well with white space around them.

Tip 2: Get Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants give depth and character to any area, whether you want to make a statement piece or fill an empty corner. They add color and freshness to a room. You can plant in earthen pots, cups, mason jars, or terrariums, depending on the aesthetic. 

Tip 3: Small Painting Ideas

Cluster smaller artworks in the room. If small paintings look too small above a sofa, hang them on the sides. This easy home design approach looks great.

Tip 4: Give Breathing Space

Overpacked rooms create visual chaos. Empty space helps to define focal points across the room. Allow enough breathing room between furniture. This lets each and everything in your room shines on its own and makes the arrangement work as a whole.

Tip 5: Add Personal Touch 

Keep items that you truly adore to give a unique look. Any room will be incomplete with personal touches like photos, favorite souvenirs, vintage heirlooms, etc. They’ll make your room more fascinating and reflect your personality.  

Exterior Design 

The exterior of your home is a canvas on which to display your unique sense of design and taste. You may make your outside design unique in a number of ways. Whether modern or classic, your exterior should be the reflection of your personality.

You can customize your home’s exterior in many ways. There is a wide range of options available to you in terms of color, material, and design that will make your home stand out from the others. However, if you really want your exterior design to shine, you should adopt some simple tips. 

Tip 1: Use Color and Texture

In exterior design, color, and texture are very important for standing out. Whether you’re looking for a classic appearance with white or adding color by painting everything green, your color choices should be complementary rather than contrasting. For example, If your home’s exterior is red brick, don’t paint your door yellow.

You may add texture to your outside design in countless ways. You can add a rock garden or climbing vines. Add color, texture, and accessories to bring your design to life. Also, you can make it stand out on a porch swing, outdoor lights, and lamps. Remember, your home should be unique but fit in with the neighborhood.

Tip 2: Carefully Plan Your Landscaping

Proper landscaping boosts eye appeal and makes your exterior design unique. When choosing plants and flowers for your yard, consider the position, color, and growth rate first.

Choose vibrant flowers with lots of petals if you live in a neighborhood with lots of shade. Imagine how wonderful the garden would look with flowers on the composite decking. If you live in a high-traffic location, avoid small flowers with delicate petals.

Tip 3:  Select Appropriate Materials

 You can use different types of materials for your exterior design according to your preference. Siding and roof materials can be wood, brick, metal, or concrete. As each has its own pros and cons, you should think thoroughly before picking one.

For example- wood gives your home a vintage vibe. However, it needs frequent care to last. Brick and concrete can make your exterior look trendy and elegant. On the other hand, metal is durable and stands strong against heavy weather. But rusting will cause your house to look older than it is. 

Tip 4: Try Vertically-Proportioned Windows

Windows design varies according to different house styles and regions. But most have a ratio of 1:2  or 3:5. Make sure the window panes are proportionate as well as the opening. Panes and openings in the vertical direction enhance the house’s look. Also, don’t forget to paint the side windows. 

Tip 5:  Avoid Double-Height Entrances 

A good first impression starts with your front door. Almost every person who comes to your house will engage with your front door. Double-height entrances are off-putting to many people. In some designs, the home’s entrance is often made double-height to spice up a boring front.

Give a Creative Touch to your Home Decor 

 The following interior and exterior design tips will help you to enhance your house plan sketches in both your interior design and exterior design as well. Alternatively, an interior and exterior design course and other resources can help guide you in doing this process as a pro.

Remember, your home is your personal space. Have fun with your design process and don’t be afraid to experiment. Give your creative touch a new height to the interior and exterior design style.


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